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55 Aging Celebrities Whose Beach Bodies Defy Time



They say that beauty fades as you grow older, but that’s a load of bologna. While sometimes it is in our genetics, we have a certain amount of control over our bodies as we age. True, it’s definitely harder to get that sculpted look, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. It takes a lot of healthy eating, exercise, and maybe a supplement or two. Sure, it’s a lot of hard work, but it sure does pay off when you’re reaching that big 6-0.

Celebrities, especially, are able to do all this and more. In fact, some celebrities are shattering that stereotype by working hard and getting the body most of us can only dream about. It’s a lot easier to have a beautifully sculpted body when you have that extra four or five hours a day to spend working out, a private chef to make your food, and money to get tons of R&R. That being said, it definitely goes to show that it’s possible!

These women are showing that with hard work, you can age just like a fine wine and only get better with time! Granted, most of them do have personal trainers, but it seems like their secrets aren’t so secret after all. They were nice enough to explain what they eat and their exercise routine so maybe we can get that amazing beach body we always wanted.

Reese Witherspoon
Reese Witherspoon (44) is a lot like us when it comes to exercise – she isn’t the biggest fan. She still does it, but not to the extremes of other celebs on the list. She does cardio for 30 minutes a day, six days a week. Yoga retreats are her favorite exercise, but she’s also known to do Body by Simone workouts a few times a week. Her workouts might not be as intense as some other celebs’ routines, but her consistency when working out is what has led to such jaw-dropping results!

Like many of today’s celebrities, Reese Witherspoon thinks that diets should be whole and balanced. It’s no longer the ’90s when crash diets reigned supreme. She works closely with nutritionist Kimberly Snyder and adores her Glowing Green Smoothie. The smoothie has actually become a celebrity go-to. Reese doesn’t restrict any food from her diet, including carbs, which is her self-acclaimed favorite late-night snack. Whatever her diet philosophy may be, it’s clearly working for Witherspoon! She looks great, and we imagine that she’ll continue to be stunning for years to come.

Thandie Newton
Thandie Newton, star of Mission: Impossible 2 and the hit HBO series Westworld looks fantastic for her age – or really just, period. One way she does it: yoga. If you can get looks like hers from yoga, then sign us up to be twisted into a pretzel! As you might suspect, there’s more to the story of how she stays so fit.

Thandie Newton is a vegetarian and she told Stylecaster that filling your plate with colorful foods is the best way to go in terms of dieting, saying, “It’s key to make sure you have a lot of color on your plate. The more colorful the food, the more beneficial it is.” We don’t know if we could ever say goodbye to meat for good, but clearly, this vegetarian lifestyle is doing wonders for Newton’s looks and physique!

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz (47) has a body to die for, so what’s her secret? Variety. Her exercise routine is never the same because she’s constantly changing her surroundings and working out different muscle groups. Diaz prefers anything outside and anything that makes her feel strong whether that’s yoga, Pilates, strength training, or cardio. For her, making sure that she keeps moving is much more important than the specifics of her workouts. It’s a laid-back approach that has paid off for her!

The real secret is diet. This reformed, self-proclaimed fast-food addict has largely cut anything fried out of her diet. Instead, she aims to eat a Mediterranean diet, which emphasizes fresh produce, fish, and olive oil. Diaz explained how a balanced, nutrient-rich diet helped her skin, made her feel better, and look fantastic. Maybe it’s time for a trip to Greece to see if this Mediterranean lifestyle can work wonders for us!

Christie Brinkley
Christie Brinkley (66) has always been outspoken about being a vegetarian. She’s practically avoided meat since she was 12. Brinkley has maintained a consistent workout routine since the ’80s, but she also switches it up to keep things new. While Brinkley’s modeling days might be behind her, she looks just as good as she did gracing the covers of magazines in the ’70s and ’80s!

Because she’s constantly busy, she fits in what she can when she can. While working on musicals, dancing is enough. However, she also walks down the beach and moving her arms like she’s swimming. Brinkley also adores yoga. Her active lifestyle has clearly served her well over the years, and she’s showing no signs of slowing down yet! What could be in store next for this gorgeous woman?

It’s hard to believe that Gisele is even 40 now, but she is. The supermodel works hard to stay in shape and look young. Of course, diet and exercise play a huge part, but obviously, the supermodel has some inherent natural beauty going for her too. However, even genes can only take you so far, and the star has put in plenty of hard work to keep her body in such outstanding shape.

According to a Marie Claire article, Gisele has a strict dietary regimen with mostly organic foods, because she believes in supporting local farmers. While most celebrities seem to be hitting the gym, Gisele prefers getting her exercise outdoors. Some of her go-to activities are biking, horseback riding and skiing. That honestly sounds a lot more fun than sweating it out in the gym, and it’s probably one of the biggest reasons why she’s able to stick with her active routine.

Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson, daughter of Bill Hudson and Goldie Hawn, and stepdaughter of Kurt Russell, had great commercial success as an actress in the 2000’s. But even as the roles have gotten smaller in recent years, Kate Hudson hasn’t stopped taking care of herself. While her diet and exercise regimen might not be as strenuous and demanding as some others, she’s still putting in plenty of hard work to ensure that her physique stays as fabulous as possible.

In Women’s Health magazine, Kate Hudson says she works out three to four times per week. She tries to eat a plant-based diet but isn’t afraid to indulge and enjoy life. She even drinks in moderation and none of that has kept her from looking so good at her age. She’s living proof that hard work and a little consistency are the key to feeling and looking great as the years go by.

Donna D’Errico
How old would you say this woman is? Would you guess she’s actually in her 50s! Pretty remarkable that she still looks to be in her late 20s. Donna D’Errico is an actress and model who once posed for Playboy as Playmate of the Month in September 1995. However, you probably recognize her from Baywatch. Wherever you may know her from, one thing is clear—she’s got a great physique for any age! We’re more than a little jealous!

How does Donna do it? Well, she eats healthy and exercises regularly, but that isn’t all. Unlike some of the other stars on this list, she isn’t afraid to say she went under the knife a few times. She’s had fat removed as well as work done on her butt, underarms, lower back, stomach, and thighs. We can all say the results speak for themselves. Despite the fact that she may have gotten a little help from the plastic surgeon, she still looks great for her age!

Demi Moore
Demi Moore (57) looks as youthful as ever, and we have the details on how she does it. When she’s preparing for a role, she works out pretty hard – we’re talking exercising for three hours and wrapping it up with a six-mile run. If a film isn’t in the future, she focuses on staying fit and toned by targeting trouble areas. For her, that’s her arms, stomach, and lower body. Does this wonder woman ever take a day off? Her amazing physique makes us think probably not!

Moore tries to eat as healthy as she possibly can by consuming organic, natural foods. She typically follows a raw vegan diet, which completely nixes cooked foods. This sounds like a major sacrifice and headache to manage, but the results of this strict diet speak for themselves! We just don’t know how she does it. A few other celebs have jumped on this train including Uma Thurman and Natalie Portman.

Jennifer Lopez
Anyone that’s seen a Jennifer Lopez (50) music video or concert knows that she has a body that doesn’t stop. Lopez actually works with two trainers to put together a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) routine that works her muscles to the max. After all that hard work, it’s no wonder that Lopez isn’t afraid to flaunt the results. She looks as good at 50 as she did at 25!

She also combines it with strength training, kickboxing, and ab workouts. Just thinking about all that is exhausting! Like other stars, she says that water is the most important thing you can give your body. Because of that, she nixed caffeine and alcohol from her diet. She also eats clean, whole foods for a nutrient-rich lifestyle. It’s clear that Lopez isn’t afraid to work hard, whether it’s her career or her body! And all of her hard work has definitely paid off for the singer.

Denise Richards
Denise Richards clearly knows how to keep herself looking smoking hot. She doesn’t leave anything to the imagination, but who would when you have a body like hers? Some would say that she looks better than she ever has, but how is this even possible? Lots of hard work and dedication. Not everyone can look as good as she does because most of us wouldn’t want to work as hard as she does!

Even though she’s a mom, she finds time to be very active. She does Pilates and dance as much as she can. On top of that, she makes sure that she’s a vegetarian for at least 80% of the food she consumes. As if that wasn’t enough, she eats little meals throughout the day. During an interview, she stated her food was mostly, “fruit, veggies, egg whites, oatmeal, a little chicken, and rice.” We would definitely need a bigger meal after working out as much as she does!

Jane Seymour
Jane Seymour (69) heads to the golf course whenever she has time, but she mixes up her routine with Pilates. In fact, she’s been going to the same Pilates class for over 30 years! For her core, she specifically works out using isometric exercises, which she says helps “maintain a flat, toned stomach.” Her routine doesn’t sound particularly crazy, but it’s clear she knows how to have a good workout. She’s basically a Pilates master at this point!

As far as diet, Seymour doesn’t eat any junk food. Instead, she munches on produce from her own garden. Now, we love some good fresh produce, but a life without junk food just sounds too hard to handle! We have know idea how she does it. Also being a sommelier, she indulges in sweet French wine regularly. Now that is one diet tip we can get behind wholeheartedly!

Rihanna has one of the best bodies in the biz, and you’d never guess that she was over 30. To keep that body, she lives by a list of staunch rules, but it’s something everyone can abide by. RiRi makes sure she never skips breakfast. She also tries to eat balanced meals even when she isn’t at home. It’s clear Rihanna knows how to party hard, but she’s managed to keep an amazing figure even with a wild and crazy life.

As far as working out, she does that’s called the Supraformer worker. This is a program that’s an intense Pilates-inspired workout that is designed to push you to the limits. She also has two personal trainers – yes, two! It seems like a bit of overkill to us, but we’re not the ones with the fantastic physique! Finally, she drinks tons of water. It’s all about staying hydrated, which helps your body and your skin.

Garcelle Beauvais
On top of resistance training (like hamstring curls), Garcelle Beauvais (53) incorporates Pilates and treadmill exercises into her routine. As far as diet, she eats healthy but doesn’t do anything crazy. It’s all about balance. It’s clear by her amazing physique that Beauvais has managed to strike the perfect balance in her own life. She’s proof that you don’t have to resort to crazy diets or workouts to look great.

“If I’m with my kids and it’s pizza night, I am having a couple of slices, for sure. And then the next day I’ll have something a little healthier.” That’s a perfectly reasonable attitude to have about things, and this life philosophy has definitely not steered her wrong so far! If she’s got any other diet and exercise secrets up her sleeve, she’s not telling!

Ashley Graham
Ashley Graham is famous for being voluptuously curvy, but even this body takes a lot of upkeep. She starts every morning with a smoothie that’s packed with nutrients. Then, for breakfast, she has a green juice that “keeps the doctor away,” according to her. It has kale, lemon, ginger, beets, apple, and parsley. We’re on board for some of those ingredients, but some of the others are just straight-up questionable!

Graham is all about that snack life, and for dinner? Healthy fats and meats. As far as her workout routine, she loves kickboxing. That’s her thing, and she never misses a day. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t occasionally grab a bowl of mac and cheese every now and then, though. Graham may know how to put in the hard work it takes to look great, but she’s obviously not above indulging in the more delicious parts of life as well!

LeAnn Rimes
It isn’t easy being a multi-platinum country artist with a hot physique, but Rimes makes it look easy-peasy. Not only is she the youngest person ever to win a Grammy, but she’s also racked up every award and accolade you can get in her field. All that work has to be stressful, but you couldn’t tell. It’s obvious to see that Rimes isn’t afraid to hit the gym for a hard workout every now and then!

Rimes’s hot body is all thanks to a healthy, energizing diet. She’s all about nutrition and how you can pack as many nutrients as possible into your body using whole foods. That’s a pretty straightforward approach to eating that still allows her to have a little tasty fun every once and a while! Recently, she’s been promoting eating cauliflower bowls, but that doesn’t mean she avoids pizza and cake like the plague. She still indulges every now and then.

Kim Kardashian
Kim K (and the rest of the Kardashian crew) manages to stay fit, toned, and stunning, so how do they do it? Chances are, they follow the same nutrition plan as their sister, Kim. She made headlines for fitting into an original Marilyn Monroe dress, but it wasn’t without effort. The woman exercises and eats better than anyone we know. As much as we hate to admit it, it’s obvious that Kardashian knows how to work hard when it comes to her body.

Kim works out five to six days a week with the HIIT method. That sounds completely exhausting, and we’re amazed that she has the energy to do anything else after working out like that. As far as diet goes, the first thing she did was go seriously Konmari on her food. She threw out anything with bad ingredients and restocked with whole foods like blueberries, chicken, sweet potatoes, and other ingredients that are packed with vitamins and minerals.

Emily Ratajkowski
Talk about an enviable figure! Emily Ratajkowski is what we’d call #goals. You’d never know she works night and day to keep her figure looking like this. Unlike some other stars on this list, she starts her morning with coffee, so she loves some caffeine. She also goes out to dinner, but she tries to eat as healthy as she can. It doesn’t seem like she stresses too much about strict diet rules, but she’s definitely got the willpower to say no to temptation.

Exercise is where she really picks up the slack. She spends as much time outside as she can, doing yoga, getting in some cardio, or whatever else she can. It’s wild to think that her squeezing in a workout here and there is more than most of us do at all! While she doesn’t hit huge hours at the gym, she tries to stay active whenever possible. That makes her a huge outlier, but she’s doing something right.

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The top 10 women celebrity crushes we all have




Look, we all know we are more interested in looking at female celebrities than male ones (except you Ryan, calm down). Here are the top lady crushes most women have:

10. Emma Stone
Emma Stone burst onto our radars as the quirky, offbeat comedy star with a difference. Yes, there’s no denying that she’s beautiful but she’s also a little different, funny and not your typical Hollywood starlet. They say you can’t have it all…

9. Olivia Wilde
Not just a pretty face, Olivia took the stage name Wilde after the one and only Oscar, a testament to her brains too, perhaps? No, mainly because her real name is Olivia Cockburn. No, it is. Not only does she act, she also models, writes, acts and directs. Oh and she just did a shoot with Glamour where she showed just how beautiful is is to be a breastfeeding mum. Swoon.

8. Miranda Kerr
Miranda started out as a Victoria’s Secret model (no surprise there really) and rose through the ranks to become one of the most famous Supermodels of recent times. As if that wasn’t quite enough, she’s also a fashion icon and has the worlds cutest baby with Orlando Bloom. Life envy much?

7. Christina Hendricks
Christina, or as most of us will know her, Joan, the steely star of Mad Men, is as famous for her acting skills as she is for her curves and she never looks as good as when poured into another of those fabulous vintage costumes. Not bitter at all…

6. Mila Kunis
Mila is another classic case of being the girl that every man wants and every woman wants to be. Not just content with being hot, smart, funny and oh yes, engaged to Ashton Kutcher, she’s also a serious film actress when the time calls for it. *Sigh*

5. Jennifer Lawrence
Who doesn’t love Jennifer Lawrence? She proved herself as a worthy actress from the get go and her popularity has been on an upward spike ever since. The fact that she appears to be so grounded, normal and funny only helps to increase our admiration (and love) for her.

4. Alessandra Ambrosio
Brazilian born Alessandra is a Victoria’s Secret model (no surprise there) and there isn’t really much else to say here, so just look at the image below and feel the awe rise up around you.  If you aren’t blessed with her genes, you can always use party casino research to understand how you can win elsewhere – right?

3. Rihanna
Pretty much every sane girl in the world would agree that Rihanna is one of the hottest females ever. She appears to have it all. The looks, talent, money, men (well…), lifestyle, friends. So thank you Rihanna, we officially want to be you right about now.

2. Blake Lively
Blake, the tall, beautiful Gossip Girl star has since moved on from teen dramas and married the equally beautiful Ryan Reynolds. With legs up to her armpits, the most lusted after hair in the business and a wardrobe full of clothes that merely highlight how goddamn hot she is, Blake, we applaud and really want to be you.

1. Beyoncé 
Come on, you had to have known that Beyoncé  would be our number one. It’s Beyoncé for gods sake. A stellar career, the most amazing figure on the planet, riches and an ability to rock a leotard like nobody else, there isn’t much to do apart from just look on in wonder.

via our content partner CT

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In defence of Cassie from Euphoria




I am a Cassie Howard apologist. Yes, even after last night’s episode of Euphoria. I sympathise with her, even if I don’t condone her choices, or even enjoy watching them most of the time. The problem with being a Cassie stan – as is the case with any of the characters in the Euphoria universe – is that every week the show tests that stance, pushing our problematic faves to new depths of debauchery and dubious morality. Cassie’s character in particular has practically become a meme in itself, with TikTok asking itself, week-on-week, how she can possibly fall any lower in our estimations. Of course, she does it anyway.

Some have speculated online that Cassie is a character foil for Rue, both of them addicts, with the show telling the story of their desperate needs. For Rue, the object of her addiction is opiates, for Cassie, it’s love. Rue’s backstory illustrated to the audience how her life up until now – her family trauma, a healthcare system that over-medicates its children – had primed her for addiction to drugs. In the same way, Cassie’s – growing up with an alcoholic mother and absent addict dad, being se**alised at a young age by older men – primed her for a dependency on male validation. But it’s undoubtedly harder to root for Cassie in spite of her flaws the way we rally for our flawed protagonist Rue to finally get her shit together.

Maybe that’s because Cassie embodies so many of the things we hate, or at least the things we ridicule; the things we collectively recognise are objectively incredibly annoying. Her problems pale in seriousness compared to the others – she’s not self-harming or addicted to opiates or dealing drugs or framing innocent people for crimes they didn’t commit – and so her struggles seem so cheesy, so silly. Cassie’s main dilemma is that she’s sleeping with her best friend’s ex-boyfriend. And she makes such a big deal about it. She falls into a depression spiral and treats her friends badly and dr*inks too much. She throws herself at a man who clearly doesn’t want her. She gets messy and throws up at a birthday party. When she’s exposed by Rue, she deflects the blame with pani*cked vindictiveness. Cassie is completely wrapped up in herself and her struggles, to the point where she doesn’t seem cognisant of the power and privileges she still possesses.

It’s easy to dislike her, I would ar*gue, in moments like this, because it’s relatively easy to see ourselves (or at least our teenage selves) in her messiness. While the problems faced by characters like Cal Jacobs or Ashtray might be so far away from our own lives that we can safely say we’d do it all better and never let ourselves get in those dangerous situations, Cassie’s cheugy, messy emotionality and teenage angst are uncomfortably close. It’s no surprise then, that Cassie has become an emblem of equally painful-to-follow toxic female characters, like Fleabag or the unnamed, but similarly self-indulgent protagonist of Ottessa Moshfegh’s book My Year of Rest and Relaxation. Cassie is in her Fleabag era, but unfortunately for her, there is no Hot Priest-shaped respite for viewers, only Nate Jacobs. And while we do get moments of being able to say “finally, go girl give us something”, like when Cassie walked out of an argument with Nate after saying she was crazier than Maddie, the show almost always instantly subverts them with having Cassie crawl back for more abuse. Annoying to watch? Perhaps. Realistic? From a lonely 17-year-old, sadly yes!

Even when she’s dealing with more serious problems, Euphoria is never far from reminding us of Cassie’s ridiculousness. When she asks Lexi whether she looks different, shortly after finding out she’s pregnant with McKay, Lexi becomes a stand-in for the audience, lashing out at her sister and pointing out how absurd she sounds. For the audience, the dramatic irony is even more potent: we know that while Cassie is experiencing her own personal trauma, she was also totally unequipped to deal with McKay’s (who had just experienced a violent hazing at the hands of his fraternity brothers, and was coming to the crushing realisation that he would never be a professional athlete), which many viewers interpreted as an unwillingness to engage with it too.

Euphoria’s total disregard of character development for McKay – he appeared in the first episode of season two, and has been missing in action ever since – compared to its almost lecherous lingering over Cassie’s every move, has been singled out as one of the show’s many problematic recent decisions. And while online rumours have speculated over whether that was down to actor Algee Smith’s views on vaccinations, the fact remains that Euphoria’s choice to ignore McKay’s struggles in favour of Cassie’s make her OTT breakdowns even more painful to watch. That much is fair: but the fact audience complaints are directed at the fictional character herself, not the polarising showrunner behind those decisions (Sam Levinson), a little more unfair imo!

One constant criticism of Levinson’s writing and of Euphoria as a show, even amongst its hardcore fans, is how over the top and ridiculous it is. How its storylines would never happen in real life (at least not all at once, to one friendship group, in the middle of the school year), and how none of the characters would pass dress code, and how it doesn’t make sense that there are no uggos, only hotties. It’s true that much of the show’s audience has never picked up a suitcase of narcotics and carted it around town on a bicycle, or secretly recorded all of the times we’ve cheated on our suburban wife, or dropped out of school to care for our ex-dr*ug baron grandmother. But you might have drunk too much at a party and thrown up. You probably debased and embarrassed yourself trying too hard for someone who didn’t want you, or ug*ly cried down the phone to people who think you’re being, honestly, a bit self-indulgent and annoying. Every week, Cassie acts out the kind of things you remember at two in the morning and cringe so hard at that it’s impossible to sleep. But it’s hard to admit you were more embarrassing than you currently are, and mortifying to watch someone else do the same, and so we’re like: No, Cassie fu**ing su*ks.

And she does, of course, but I would argue no more so (and in some cases, a lot less so) than any other character in season two of Euphoria. In last night’s episode [spoilers here!] Cassie tries to get out of being exposed for sleeping with Nate by calling Rue a drug addict, after Rue loses her temper with Cassie’s naive attempt to reassure her she can take rehab “one day at a time”. Was that advice cringey? Yes! Is Cassie’s response cruel? Yes! Is it worse than Rue calling Leslie a bad mom? Or Laurie injecting a dopesick 17-year-old with morphine? In the case of the former, I would say sleeping with your best pal’s ex is dubiously worse. But the latter? I mean, probably not! Judging by the episode’s response today on Twitter and Reddit though, that sliding scale of perspective is not a popular excuse for Cassie’s increasingly dumb behaviour. But, I digress!

So yes, I am a Cassie apologist. But, I must caveat, no more so than I am an apologist for any of the other flawed, broken, ug*ly characters in the relentless, unforgiving universe that Sam Levinson created for them to live in. That’s the beauty of Euphoria. For all the criticism the series has received (some of it deserved, some of it TikTok hysteria) its success lies in its ability to make the audience empathise, even for a second, with a man like Cal Jacobs, who created a life of amorality and toxic masculinity to compensate for internalised homophobia. Or with a character like Jules, so lonely and hurt that she’ll cheat on the emotionally unavailable Rue with Elliott. Or Rue, so desperately addicted to drugs that she’ll attack her mother, sister and best friends. You might recoil at their choices but on some level you understand what drove them to those choices too.

It’s entirely possible, of course, that I will regret this appeal for moderation when it comes to burning Cassie Howard at the stake for crimes against humanity and friendship and fashion. There are still another four episodes of season two of Euphoria left, and with things looking bleaker than ever for the universe’s characters, who knows how much further she can sink. Sam Levinson has created a world with only two certainties: one, that we will complain every week without fail about his characterisation and then tune in to watch anyway. And two, that Nate Jacobs fu**ing su*ks.

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Watch: Katherine Heigl flashes knickers as she strips off in middle of busy New York street




The 36-year-old comedy starlet can clearly laugh at herself, and her facial expressions were a picture when she got caught stripping off in the Big Apple yesterday.

Katherine was spotted shamelessly undressing and redressing herself, transforming from her neon pink and black cycling outfit to a more work-ready white pencil skirt and turtleneck top.

But the American beauty gave onlookers an eyeful when she unwittingly flashed her knickers during her rapid wardrobe swap.

While most would be left red-faced, Katherine had an excuse for her peculiar behaviour because she was filming scenes for her new CBS show called Doubt.

The mother-of-two was joined by her co-star Dulé Hill, 40, who played the perfect gentleman by clutching on to her handbag while she was otherwise occupied.

The crew are currently filming a reboot of the pilot episode, with Katherine being cast as successful defence lawyer Sadie Ellis alongside Orange Is The New Black star Laverne Cox who will play a trans Ivy League-educated attorney.

Meanwhile, Katherine’s husband Josh Kelley recently spoke out to defend her after she was branded “difficult” for blasting her own 2007 film Knocked Up.

I mean, it’s very interesting because somehow a bunch of haters just created a whole thing that she’s ‘difficult’,” he said. “That girl’s never been late, never missed a mark, she’s the least ‘difficult’ person in the world.

“I’ve been to every movie set since we were together, and everybody loves her. “So it’s really interesting how people can make s**t up and then it can get a heartbeat.”

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