Bootcut Jeans Are Back: Here’s The Lowdown On The Divisive Denim Trend -
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Bootcut Jeans Are Back: Here’s The Lowdown On The Divisive Denim Trend



Bootcut jeans: The appetite for denim seems to be at an all-time high. Many of us lived in sweatpants throughout the pandemic, so jeans have become a welcome alternative to our tired loungewear. Baggy jeans have unsurprisingly become the most popular silhouette, but bootcut jeans are also on the rise.

Desiree Navarro/Getty Images

Kate Moss channeled her Noughties self in a pair of bootcuts at London Fashion Week. The super styled her nostalgic jeans with a white shirt, a blue velvet blazer, brown boots, a snakeskin clutch, and round sunglasses at Richard Quinn ’s Spring-Summer 2022 show, where she cheered on her model daughter, Lila Moss .

Model Mica Argañaraz – who walked 12 shows for the Spring-Summer 2022 season – was also photographed wearing bootcut jeans in Paris, paired with Converse , a cropped knit, a black coat, and a cap.

Bootcut jeans are a more accessible throwback denim shape than the low-risers that have been trending of late. Let old-school bootcut lovers, including Jennifer Aniston , Gisele Bündchen and Halle Berry , be your muses (the latter even wore them on the red carpet).

Stars with their fingers on the trend pulse are buying in. Earlier this month, denim obsessive Rihanna put her own spin on the bootcut with a little help from Rick Owens . Keen to make a statement, she styled her metallic-coated pair with a green Maria Moscone coat and acid-bright Savage X Fenty lace gloves.

Elsewhere, Kendall Jenner has been wearing Khaite’s Danielle jeans , which are made to “ give the illusion of longer legs ”. Though not strictly a bootcut silhouette, the slim legs and slightly flared hemline are reminiscent of a bootcut.

British Vogue ‘s commerce director Naomi Smart is another fan of the Danielle . “Khaite founder Catherine Holstein has nailed the best, most flattering classic jeans,” she says. “The Danielle, cut high on the waist in non-stretch denim, elongates the leg like no other. I’ll be adding every wash to my collection for that vintage feel.”


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Did you know why Jennifer Aniston have always good hair day? Here is some secret revealed




For me, there’s one celebrity who epitomizes the very concept of a great hair day: Jennifer Aniston. From her cult “Rachel” haircut of the ’90s to her distinctive bouncy waves of today, Aniston just might have the most iconic hair in the business. In fact, I can’t think of a single time I’ve seen her snapped with a hair out of place. So what’s the secret to enjoying a good hair day every damn day?

Before we get into it, I feel compelled to provide a bit of a disclaimer here. If you’re like me, you have a bit of a love-hate relationship with your hair. I love how long it can last between washes but hate that it has a total life of its own. Also, I’m going to admit that Aniston’s daily hair routine might cause you to feel a little green-eyed. Keep scrolling to see how Jennifer Aniston keeps her hair looking amazing.

Despite how gorgeous Aniston’s hair always looks, it turns out that her hair routine is fuss-free and incredibly simple: “Yesterday, it took me 15 minutes to get up, get my hair done, and go,” she revealed in an interview with Allure. “I honestly just blow-dry it with my fingers around my hairline, and then I get the roots set, and then I’ll let the rest of the hair air-dry.”

As if that one revelation wasn’t enough (seriously, Jen—you don’t need the help of a hair dryer to get your hair to fall so perfectly?), it turns out that Aniston isn’t particularly concerned about a regular hair wash, either. In fact, she only shampoos every two or three days. “I’ll use a little bit of the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Shampoo ($27) on my roots on the second day after I’ve shampooed,” she said.

Let’s be real for a second, though. Not all of us have been blessed by the hair gods as Aniston has. With all of the best intention in the world, if I only put the hair dryer on my hairline and left the rest of my hair to do its own thing, I’d be dealing with an absolute bird’s nest by the time I got to the office. But there’s a solution: air-dry hair products. Yes, there’s a whole wave of formulas out there that are designed to give your natural hair a little helping hand without you having to rely on heat styling. They’re formulated to work with your hair’s natural texture, so you apply them to damp hair to help shape, smooth, and define your strands into something that just might resemble Aniston’s (if you’re lucky). Keep scrolling for more of her iconic hair looks and the air-dry hair products that will help you re-create them at home.

A blend of nourishing coconut oil and shine-boosting comfrey oil, this air-dry product leaves hair smooth, shiny, and with an Aniston-approved gleam. Smooth a small amount from the middle to the ends of damp hair, and leave it to work its magic.

Perfect for people with a natural wave or kink to their hair, this innovative foam product works to enhance your natural wave patterns. Massage a pump or two into damp hair (like you would a mousse), and it will soften, fight frizz, and add definition to re-create Aniston’s iconic beachy texture.

Not only does this unique spray reduce frizz, nourish strands, and protect your hair from breakage, but it also speeds up the air-drying process. Spray it through your hair in sections, twisting and scrunching as you go to mimic some of Aniston’s curly volume. The drying effects will get to work immediately.

Ideal for shorter styles or finer hair, this leave-in styling treatment contains a thickening molecule to boost your hair’s volume so you can mimic Aniston’s height at the roots. Work it through your hair with your hands—from roots to tips—for effortless everyday styling.

This expert formulation uses squalane and hemisqualane to improve hair health and movement the more you use it. Your hair will be left sleek and frizz-free but with all the texture of Aniston’s ’90s waves.

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5 Trends Jennifer Aniston Would Buy (and 3 She Would Skip)




When you think of Jennifer Aniston’s aesthetic, the word that probably comes to mind the least is “trendy.” The actress has cultivated a classic style that’s seamlessly glided from one decade to the next with its structured blazers, simple tees, blue jeans, and the like. She embodies West Coast ease with her wardrobe of tried-and-true pieces, and that’s why we keep going back to her for ways to perfect our staples. That said, we’re always curious to know which trends our favorite celebrities love and hate, and that’s why we came up with a list of current items we suspect Aniston would buy into—and which ones she’d ditch. Scroll down to see if you agree with our list and shop the trends you like for summer.

Baggy Denim

Because Aniston has mastered the art of polished dressing, we suspect she’d be great at taking wide-leg denim and contrasting it with a simple crewneck sweater and classic belt (as seen above). The voluminous silhouette has been all over the street style scene as of late, and her approach is wearable and relaxed.

Warm-Weather Leather

A little black dress is a staple in Aniston’s wardrobe—especially a slightly edgier leather iteration. We think she’d be game to try a piece of summer leather this season, even if it’s cut in a trendier silhouette like an A-line miniskirt or jacket.

Sleek Belt Bags

Across-the-shoulder bags and sleek fanny packs are still in the trend circuit, and we suspect Aniston would pull the look off rather well.

Tailored Separates

Lest we forget Aniston’s Friends looks that skillfully mixed pieces that looked like they were snagged from her boyfriend’s closet; menswear-inspired suiting is a trend she’s definitely equipped for.

Statement Earrings

Though her looks are typically pared-down, where she lets a little flamboyancy out is with her accessories, which is why we think she’d ascribe to the statement earrings trend that’s swept the scene the last couple of years.

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7 Life Hacks That Help Royals Avoid Awkward Situations




Just like celebrities, royals are always under the camera’s lens. The public discusses every step they take, every gesture they make, and every look they create. That’s why they have to watch their appearance like nobody else. In order to always look perfect, royal ladies use some small but helpful tricks.

We at Bright Side studied many fashion forums and found out which hacks help modern representatives of monarchs always look stunning. The bonus at the end of the article will tell you how Princess Diana managed to outwit the media and cut her hair so that nobody noticed it.

1. Redesigning old clothes

© HUSSEIN ANWAR/SIPA/EAST NEWS, © WPA Pool / Pool / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

Unlike many public figures, Kate Middleton never feels shy about showing up to different events wearing the same outfits. In order to make her clothes look fresh and modern, Kate redesigns them by changing small details. In 2013, the duchess appeared in public wearing a coat that she had already worn 2 years before. But this time, she replaced the belt, which made the overall look shine with new colors.

2. Bronzer instead of tights

© LIMITED PICTURES / agefotostock / East News, © LIMITED PICTURES / agefotostock / East News, © LIMITED PICTURES / agefotostock / East News

Royal family members should wear neutral-colored tights at official events all year round despite the weather conditions. That’s what the protocol says. But Queen Letizia neglects this rule almost always. Instead, the First Lady of Spain simply tans her legs. This trick gives the skin a well-groomed and shiny look.

3. A nude manicure

© Kamil PIKLIKIEWICZ / East News

Kate Middleton can hardly ever be seen with bright nail polish on. It’s believed that this is all because of the official protocol. Perhaps Kate does follow all the rules unquestioningly, but another reason for choosing natural shades is practicality: a manicure with natural hues stays fresh for longer and makes inevitable chips and dents less noticeable.

4. Primer instead of makeup foundation


Meghan Markle is a supporter of the natural look and doesn’t hide her reddish freckles under thick layers of makeup. For this reason, Prince Harry’s spouse limits herself to using a primer only and applies a makeup foundation only to some areas on the face during official events.

5. Shoes of different sizes

© i-Images, NEWS, © Photoshot/REPORTER / East News

Kate Middleton has to spend several hours a day in heels due to her position. That’s why she’s so careful when it comes to choosing shoes. The duchess selects her shoe size depending on the model and brand. For example, Kate mainly buys summer shoes that are half a size or one size bigger — it helps her to avoid getting blisters in case her feet swell in the heat.

6. Multifunctional shawls

© Wojtek Laski / East News, © LFI / Avalon / REPORTER / East News

According to the protocol, the representatives of the royal family aren’t supposed to take off their outerwear in public. That’s why Elizabeth II and Kate Middleton can be seen in elegant dress coats so often. And while they look absolutely appropriate in everyday looks, it’s quite difficult to imagine seeing an evening outfit together with outerwear. That’s when a regular shawl or a cape that matches the dress can come to the rescue. They will help keep them warm in cold weather without contradicting the rules.

7. Additional outsole

© LIMITED PICTURES / agefotostock / East News

Queen Letizia uses another trick for the same purpose. In order to make her shoes more stable and prevent them from slipping, the First Lady of Spain glues additional outsoles to them.

©, © LIMITED PICTURES / agefotostock / East News

The spouse of King Felipe VI has made improvements to many pairs of designer shoes with the help of this simple construction.


© AP / East News, © UPPA / Photoshot / REPORTER / East News

Throughout the ’80s, Princess Diana donned the same haircut. Still, she dared to go for a change, but in order not to attract extra attention, Lady Di decided to use a little trick that had been suggested by her hairstylist. They were shortening the length of her hair one-fourth of an inch every week. Eventually, after a couple of weeks, the princess got the desired haircut and, at the same time, managed to avoid any extra attention from the media.

What tricks that help you look perfect and avoid awkward situations do you use? Please share them in the comment section.

Preview photo credit i-Images, NEWS, Photoshot/REPORTER / East News

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