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Celebs That Are Always Highly Secured



The Hollywood lifestyle looks like an enviable one – Hollywood stars have access to luxuries the average Joe can only dream of. Big mansions, fast cars, a loaded bank account — the list goes on. But every celebrity will tell you that superstardom is a double-edged sword. Along with the glitz and glamour, celebrities also have to deal with swarms of paparazzi when they’re out and about, the public’s eyes glued to their every move, and more.

Good protection is important in the life of a celebrity, and actors and pop stars pay through the nose to get the protection they need. As a result, their bodyguards are rewarded very handsomely for their efforts. Take a look at how much celebrities shell out on their personal security.

1. Jennifer Aniston | Net worth: $300 Million | Annual Bodyguard Cost: $240,000

Jennifer Aniston rose to fame for her role as Rachel in the beloved ‘90s sitcom Friends. Her Friends fame made her a prominent celebrity – which meant she experienced what being true Hollywood royalty is all about. As one of the most well-known (and followed) figures in the world, Aniston needs to travel with a hefty security team 24/7.

The former NBC star is constantly approached by fans and media, with some encounters spiralling out of control. Often hounded by fans, it’s no surprise Aniston spends around $240,000 a year on bodyguard fees. Aniston even hired Sheldon – one of Hollywood’s most infamous celebrity bodyguards – to fend off the paparazzi mobs.

2. David and Victoria Beckham | Combined Net Worth: $1 Billion | Combined Annual Bodyguard Cost: $1 Million

The Beckham power couple is no stranger to hiring personal security. Soccer ace David Beckham and his lovely wife Victoria spend a whopping $1 million a year on their bodyguard entourage to keep their fans and the media under control.

Given their combined net worth is around $1 billion, it’s safe to say personal protection is a big concern. As a prominent sports figure and a fashion designer/former pop star respectively, Becks and Posh frequently find themselves as tabloid fodder, so it makes sense the Beckhams invest heavily in their bodyguards.

3. Katy Perry | Net worth: $330 Million | Annual Bodyguard Cost: $350,000

There’s no denying that Katy Perry is a bonafide entertainment queen. Ever since she released her hit single “I Kissed A Girl”, Katy has been renowned across the globe as a pop sensation. Her profile has continued to skyrocket, going through the roof when she served as a judge on American Idol, where she captured the hearts of the masses as well as the contestants.

Katy upped her personal security after giving birth to her first child. Her bodyguard is quite the looker – fans have been known to call him a ‘younger Hugh Jackman’! The cost for Katy Perry’s bodyguard? A whopping $350,000!

4. Kylie Jenner | Net Worth: $900 Million | Annual Bodyguard Cost: $4.8 Million

In this day and age of social media, influencer and media mogul Kylie Jenner has established herself as the crown jewel of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. At just 24 years old, Kylie has amassed a net worth of a staggering $900 million thanks to her successful online company Kylie Cosmetics.

The thought of Kylie becoming more famous than her sister Kim would be laughable a few years back. But thanks to her cosmetic empire, her high-profile relationships, and her Instagram brand, she is undoubtedly the most famous Kardashian-Jenner to date. With credentials like these, and such an enormous public following, it’s no surprise Jenner’s security bill comes in at $4.8 million annually.

5. Jennifer Lopez | Net Worth: $290 Million | Annual Bodyguard Cost: $500,000

When it comes to the rich and famous, who could leave out Jennifer Lopez? The American singer/actress has achieved a level of notoriety that only a few have ever attained. J-Lo even sang at the 2021 presidential inauguration, which speaks volumes about her level of fame.

Of course, any semblance of a normal life is completely out of the window if you’re as famous as Jennifer Lopez. She and her million-million-dollar husband, Alex Rodrigues, employ a hefty team of bodyguards that costs her $500,000 per year.

6. Daniel Radcliffe | Net Worth: $79 Million | Annual Bodyguard Cost: $50,000

People know Daniel Radcliffe as the wizarding whiz who starred in the Harry Potter franchise. These days, the actor is living incognito, sometimes appearing on talk shows and interviews or being featured in odd movies – though none as popular as the series that launched his career. Radcliffe never really found major success post-Hogwarts, unlike his co-star Emma Watson, but he seems to be enjoying keeping a lower profile.

Radcliffe doesn’t employ round-the-clock security personnel, but when he does, they’re as big and hefty as the rest of them. While fans are still drawn to him, Radcliffe doesn’t face the crazy high jinks other big-name celebrities have to deal with, allowing him to save money on his bodyguard fees. His security costs only come in at around $50, 000.

7. Halle Berry | Net worth: $90 Million | Annual Bodyguard Cost: $300,000

Oscar winner and model Halle Berry is no stranger to public attention. Having ruled the entertainment business since the early ‘90s, Berry is accustomed to dealing with the media, the crazed fans, the paparazzi, and everything in between. With her high-profile lifestyle, it makes sense that Berry has hired numerous bodyguards over the years, and can usually be spotted with a bodyguard or two when she makes a public appearance.

Just like Berry herself, her bodyguards are tall and strong. They’re also chummy with the star, frequently coming along with her on her hikes and keeping in good shape. And for the privilege, the Monster’s Ball star spends roughly $300,000 a year to keep the public at bay.

8. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively | Combined Net Worth: $110 Million | Combined Annual Bodyguard Cost: $125,000

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are undoubtedly one of America’s best-looking couples. As well as being supremely talented, this hot power couple is incredibly rich. With a combined net worth of $110 million and a family of three kids, Reynolds and Lively understand the true importance of safety.

Wherever they go, expect security detail to follow closely behind – especially when the children are around. The couple has been spotted with different bodyguards at times, but one thing’s for certain; you’ll never spot them without their security personnel.

9. Adele | Net Worth: $190 Million | Annual Bodyguard Cost: $75,000

One of the world’s best-selling music artists, Adele is beloved by fans not only for her vocal talents, but for her relatable, down-to-earth personality. Although the English singer loves to interact with her fans, and doesn’t walk around with a security entourage most of the time, she still recognizes the need for protection once in a while.

In 2017, Adele reportedly hired Lady Gaga’s former bodyguard, Peter Van Der Veen. With a sterling reputation in his field, Van Der Veen is quite the looker, and takes home a massive $75,000 per year for his services to Adele.

10. Floyd Mayweather | Net Worth: $450 Million | Annual Bodyguard Cost: $750,000

Floyd “Money” Mayweather is one of boxing’s most successful names – but he’s also known for his extravagant lifestyle outside the ring. Mayweather is often spotted with his security entourage, towering over him and making sure the Pretty Boy is untouched.

Mayweather has a strict list of requirements for his group of bodyguards, known as ‘The Money Team’. For their loyalty, he’s willing to invest in his security detail, and pays his bodyguards handsomely. His estimated protection fees are around $750,000 which is chump change to a man of Mayweather’s caliber. On top of this, the perks are pretty good – Mayweather’s bodyguards also receive bonuses including Rolex watches and Mercedes Benz cars.

11. Bella Hadid | Net Worth: $18 Million | Annual Bodyguard Cost: $250,000

When she signed on with IMG models, Bella Hadid took the fashion industry by storm, alongside her sister Gigi. Since then, Hadid has established a solid modeling career, winning the Model of the Year award in 2016. Hadid finds herself under the spotlight most of the time, with the paparazzi frequently storming her for that well-timed photo.

Hadid is more than willing to spend the big bucks for her personal security, with the bill coming in at around $250,000 per year. She makes sure her bodyguards know who’s boss, though – even reprimanding them if they overstep the line!

12. Britney Spears | Net Worth: $115 Million | Annual Bodyguard Cost: $600,000

Britney Spears’s love-hate paparazzi has taken her on a wild ride! In the early 2000s, Spears found herself at the centre of a mounting media craze, and was routinely swamped by the paparazzi. This contributed to many of her personal struggles and forcing her to spend big money on security personnel.

As one of the world’s most pursued stars, Spears needs to keep a high level of security around her at all times. To this day, she spends nearly $600,000 per year on her bodyguards.

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Salma Hayek takes a dip in blue bikini while yachting in Mexico with family




Salma Hayek soaked up sun in a striking blue-and-white bikini.

Viva Mexico.

Salma Hayek enjoyed a splash in the sea while vacationing in Los Cabos, Mexico, with billionaire husband François-Henri Pinault and some of their children.

The 56-year-old actress showcased her curves in a striking blue-and-white printed bikini with gold accents and accessorized the look with a duo of necklaces, going makeup-free and letting her hair down for the fun-filled family outing.

Hayek has sent pulses racing all summer with her sexy snaps, whether she’s celebrating National Bikini Day, squeezing in a workout or boating around the world.

As for how she stays looking ageless, the star has said she forgoes Botox injections in favor of meditation and frequency machines to maintain her youthful appearance.

She looked stunning while in Los Cabos, Mexico.

Daughter Valentina joined Hayek and her husband, François-Henri Pinault, with the whole family matching in blue.

The couple had a laugh while rinsing off.

Hayek later slipped a pretty blue cover-up over her swimwear.

Hayek was seen enjoying her day out on a yacht, enjoying a dip and spending time with Pinault, whom she married in 2009.

The fashion mogul matched his wife in blue swim trunks, and Hayek later layered on a crochet-trimmed cover-up in the same shade.

The couple share daughter Valentina Pinault, 16, and the French businessman has three children from previous relationships: daughter Mathilde and son François, both from his marriage to Dorothée Lepère, and son Augustin, whom he shares with with model Linda Evangelista.

It’s been a bikini-filled summer for the movie star.

Instead of Botox, Hayek relies on meditation and frequency machines to stay young.

She also loves working out in her pool.

Evangelista recently joined her fellow OG supermodels Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell on the cover of Vogue’s September issue and shared a behind-the-scenes peek at her sweet relationship with Hayek.

“I was sick at Thanksgiving. And Salma got on the plane with her daughter, came here, and made Thanksgiving dinner,” Evangelista said. “She made a feast — a beautiful, beautiful meal. I had told her that I wasn’t going to have Thanksgiving; I wasn’t feeling well. And she said, ‘Oh yes you are: I am coming.’ And poof, she was here.”

From the kitchen to Los Cabos, it seems Hayek can do it all.

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Salma Hayek, 57, reveals the secret to her fit bikini body — and it’s not exercise




Salma Hayek is spilling the secrets behind her fit physique.

The actress, 57, credited practicing meditation over intense exercise as the key to staying youthful in a new interview.

“I really believe it is. People say it’s exercising. I think it’s meditation,” she told “Entertainment Tonight.“

“You have to find your way. For me, exercising is hard,” she admitted. “It’s really, really difficult to have the discipline to do it. But meditation is a walk in the park, because it’s my own form of it.”

Hayek added that she practices the routine “every day” and takes the time to “sit in a moment with yourself.”

The “Frida” star previously gushed about the mindfulness technique on a July episode of Kelly Ripa’s SiriusXM podcast, “Let’s Talk Off Camera.”

Salma Hayek revealed that the secret to her bikini body is meditation — not exercise.

“People say it’s exercising. I think it’s meditation,” Hayek said of maintaining her youthful appearance.

“When I don’t [meditate] for some time, guess what? Not only [does] the face starts to drop and everything starts to drop, [but also] my herniated disc, the problem in my neck, the problem in my hip, my ankles [comes back]. I start breaking down,” she said at the time.

Hayek explained that she has even gotten to the point of her meditation routine where she feels energy “dancing” through her body.

“Sometimes when I’m doing it, people tell me when I come out of the room, ‘Oh my God, you look 20 years old,’” she raved.

The “Frida” star admitted it’s “difficult” for her to consistently exercise.

Hayek recently showed off her meditation success in a bikini pic for her 57th birthday.

The Mexican-American beauty also divulged that she’s never gotten Botox and instead relies on “frequency machines” in addition to her meditation practices.

“The people that do the machines say that the results I get, they don’t get with other people,” she spilled.

Hayek has not been shy in showing off the results of her health and wellness routines and even recently shared a sultry snap in a red bikini for her 57th birthday.

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Billie Eilish

‘Hot girl’ Billie Eilish reveals chest tattoo in rare bikini photo




Billie Eilish’s fans are happier than ever after seeing this sexy snap.

The “Bad Guy” songstress popped up in an Instagram post shared by pal Annabel Zimmer (daughter of famed composer Hans Zimmer) Saturday, soaking up the sun in a boldly printed Miaou bikini top and Versace shades.

Billie Eilish posed for a rare bikini photo on Instagram over the weekend — and showed off her chest tattoo for the very first time.

The rare swimsuit pic also marks the first time Eilish, 21, has shown off her chest tattoo of her surname, which she once swore fans wouldn’t “ever see.”

In 2021, Rolling Stone reported Eilish had her last name inked “in an ornate, gothic font” the day after the 2020 Grammys, where she scooped up five awards including Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Record of the Year and Best New Artist.

“I have one here that says ‘Eilish.’ Yes, I love myself,” Eilish explained of the design during her annual Vanity Fair “Same Interview” video later that same year.

The singer, 21, was photographed sunbathing in a Miaou swimsuit top.

While Eilish once lived in baggy looks, she’s since begun embracing more body-conscious styles.

She has several other tattoos, including a few “guardian angel fairies” on her left wrist and hand — from “a little fairy book called ‘Fairyopolis,’” as Eilish told Vanity Fair — and a large dragon winding up her right thigh and hip, which she referred to as a “big boy” in the same video interview.

Although the “Ocean Eyes” hitmaker’s personal style has continued to evolve from baggy clothes to more feminine looks in recent years, she appeared shy about the revealing picture, as she reacted to the post with a see-no-evil monkey emoji.

However, her admirers didn’t hold back while dropping a series of thirsty remarks.

Billie Eilish showed off her huge hip tattoo after the 2021 Met Gala.
GC Images

She debuted her fairy-inspired hand tat at the “No Time To Die” premiere in 2021.
Samir Hussein/WireImage

“You’re beautiful, I love you,” one person replied to Eilish’s comment, while another wrote, “my heart stopped cause of you.”

Other comments included, “life as a REAL REAL REALLLYYYY hot girl,” “Missgurl we’re not breathing” and “you look very sexy 🥵.”

Eilish’s bikini bombshell comes weeks after she fired back at the “f—king bozos” who have called her a “sellout” for embracing her femininity.

Eilish’s bikini picture comes weeks after she slammed “f–king bozos” who criticize her sexier looks.
Getty Images for Prime Video

“I spent the first 5 years of my career getting absolutely OBLITERATED by you fools for being boy-ish and dressing how I did & constantly being told I’d be hotter if I acted like a woman,” she shared via her Instagram Stories in May.

“And now when I feel comfortable enough to wear anything remotely feminine or fitting, I CHANGED and am a sellout.. and ‘what happened to her’ oMg iT’s nOt thE sAmE biLlie she’s just like the rest blah blah.”

She then told followers, “FUN FACT! Did you know that women are multifaceted!!!!!??? Shocking right?? Believe it or not, women can be interested in multiple things.”

“Believe it or not women can be interested in multiple things,” she told her followers.
Getty Images

The Oscar-winning musician has spoken candidly about her struggles to love and accept her body in the past.

“Going through my teenage years of hating myself and all that stupid s—t, a lot of it came from my anger toward my body, and how mad I was at how much pain it’s caused me, and how much I’ve lost because of things that happened to it,” Eilish told Vogue in January, referencing a hip injury that kept her from pursuing a dance career.

“I felt like my body was gaslighting me for years,” she added. “I had to go through a process of being like, my body is actually me. And it’s not out to get me.”

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